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Your 1st Day of Class

1st Day of Class

1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Description of your class (http://profj.us/descriptions.htm)
3. Syllabus for your Class (http://profj.us/syllabus/syllabuslist.htm)
4. Textbook for your Class (http://profj.us/textbooks.htm)
4. Class Assignments ("Due Dates") for your class (http://www.profj.us/duedates/)
5. No late Assignments Policy (http://www.profj.us/late/)
6.. Study Skills (http://profj.us/studyskills/)
7. Law Dictionary (http://dictionary.law.com/) - bookmark this for future use
8. How to Improve your Quiz Scores (Law 1,2,10, and 19) - West Bus Law quizzes (http://profj.us/improve/)
9. Appeals process on quiz questions (http://www.profj.us/appeals/)
10. Read about legal research (http://www.profj.us/legalresearch/) - use this for finding law cases
11. Read about Case Citations (http://del.icio.us/abogado/citations)
12. How to brief a case (http://profj.us/briefingcases.htm)
13. Grading Rubric for written assignments (http://profj.us/24sp/rubric.htm)
14. Outlines for Textbook Chapters - Law 1,2,10, and 10 (http://www.profj.us/outlines/) - Capsule Summaries (http://www.profj.us/summary/) - great new outline for Courts and the Court System (by our own Prof. Alberto Gudino) (index.html)
15. Our Faculty Web pages and Phone Numbers, Office Hours, etc. (http://profj.us/faculty.htm)
16. Student Information System (http://www.laccd.edu/student_information/sis_logon.asp) - if you decide to stop working in your classes, make sure you drop your class. - it is the student's responsibility, not your teacher.
17. Main webpage for your classes (http://profj.us/)
18. FAQ on "Etudes" - what is it and how do we use it in the classroom and online (http://profj.us/faq.htm)
19. Etudes Orientation (http://profj.us/etudes/orientation/) - use "student" as username and password - do not use this link to login to your etudes class
20. Etudes login - how to - (http://www.profj.us/login/) - now login to your etudes classes for Fall 2005 (http://profj.us/25f)
21. Online Tutoring (http://www.profj.us/tutoring/)
22. List of your Tutors (http://www.profj.us/tutoring/tutors.htm)
23 . Meet and Confer - (http://profj.us/meet-confer)
24. Web Resources (http://del.icio.us/abogado)
25. Paralegal Certificate (http://profj.us/certificate.htm)
26. About our Paralegal Program (http://del.icio.us/abogado/about-our-program)
27. What students say about our program (http://profj.us/online/comments.htm)
28. Our Accreditation Statement (http://profj.us/accreditation.htm)
29. Mock Trials for Law 11 and Law 19 - on campus - Prof. Jordan (http://paralegalmocktrials.blogspot.com/)
30. Paralegal List Serv (http://profj.us/listserv/)
31. Prof J's Paralegal Blogs (http://profjordan.blogspot.com/)

Prof. J.
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