About ITV

An ITV course is composed of three distinct components--class meetings, instructional video lessons, and a class website. These components enhance the learning process by utilizing different methods of conveying the course material.

Class Meetings

  • The only time specific requirement.
  • Class meetings are conducted on weekends.
  • Class meetings are available on four campuses for each class.
  • Attend the class meetings that are most convenient for you.
  • There are seven three-hour class meetings for each course.*
  • The same instructor teaches at each campus.
*(Winter is Five Weeks)

Instructional Video Lessons

  • Each video broadcasts for two hours a week for 8-Week classes.
  • Typically, each course has 26 half-hour video lessons.
  • Videos broadcast on cable channel LA36 in the City of Los Angeles.
  • Videos can be taped and watched at the student's convenience.
  • Videos are available at Pierce Bookstore

Class Website

  • Students can find the syllabus, course objectives & course requirements on the class Web site.
  • Students participate in interactive Web site activities including quizzes, discussions, assignments, etc.
  • Students and instructor can interact with each other on-line.
  • Ideal for motivated students with basic computer skills competency.