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Requirements for F1 Student Visa (I-20)

1) Applicant must write a letter to this office giving a brief biographical sketch. Be sure to include your educational background and goals/degrees you wish to achieve. Identify your major field of study and why you selected Mission College. 
2) TOEFL score of 450 or higher (may be waived by director). LAMC also recognizes STEP EIKEN test results.

3) Affidavit of financial support verify availablility of funds for one year.  Validated financial statement from bank or I-134 Affidavit of support. 
4) Foreign Student application 
5) Medical exam form (to be filled in by a physician
6) Application fee of $35 USD (money order or check payable to Los Angeles Mission College) 
7) International Student Agreement - MS Word | Adobe PDF


Academic Calendar: Los Angeles Mission College currently offers Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Semesters

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