Essential Skills Initiative SlideshowWhat are basic skills?  “Basic Skills are those foundational skills in reading, writing, mathematics, learning skills, study skills, and English as a Second Language that are necessary for students to succeed in college-level work” (Basic Skills as a foundation for Student Success in California Community Colleges-also known as the Poppy Copy, 2007).  Many of our students that are enrolling in California Community Colleges lack the college level skills/strategies for success in their academics. Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC) has seen an increase of student enrollment in our basic skills courses.


To date, LAMC has been committed in serving our Basic Skills students by implementing the First-Year Experience (FYE).  FYE began in Summer 2010 and continued in the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 semesters.  FYE consists of either an English or Math pathways for success in linking two or more courses together to serve our student population.  Every incoming student who has been placed in a one-level to three level below English or Math course will also be taking a linked course that is college-level.   Also, we have incorporated the state-of-the-art Student Success Centers Workshops at the Library Resource Center (LRC).   Students learn and engage in new concepts, skills, and strategies for a successful college experience.  Workshop topics range from note-taking to financial literacy.

Meet the Staff

Diana Bonilla

Diana Bonilla, BSI Co-Chair
Counseling Dept. Chair
Marie Zaiens Marie Zaiens,   Patricia Flood
SLO Coordinator
  Sarah Master,
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, BSI Co-Chair
  Andzhela Keshishyan Mi Chong Park Mi Chong Park,

Cindy Luis

Cindy Luis, BSI Co-Chair
ESL Faculty
Riye Park

Riye Park,
ESL Faculty

Maria Renteria Maria Renteria,
STEM Center Supervisor
Gary Prostak Gary Prostak,
ESL Dept. Chair
Curt Riesberg Curt Riesberg,
Dev Com Faculty
Dennis Solares Dennis Solares,
Non-Credit Program
  Darlene Montes    Larry Resendez   Carlos Gonzalez,
Title V HSI-ISSA Director
  Ludi Villegas   Yoon, Yun