High School Partners

LAMC has dual enrollment partnerships with local middle and high school sites to offer college classes during the school day and after bell. Classes offered may meet general education requirements and/or career pathways. The majority of classes are UC and/or CSU transferable and may be applicable to meet requirements for high school, a Certificate, Associate Degree, and/or transfer to a University.


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Complete the electronic Off-Site Request* Form:

LAMC Dual Enrollment Office will follow up to confirm the request and class details. Once confirmation is received, the site may begin recruitment.

*Requests received after the deadline will be confirmed based on staffing availability.

Complete the LAMC Tracker by identifying the students interested in the class(es) requested.

Upload** the Tracker to the shared folder and notify us that it is available. See "Important Dates" for deadlines. All information will be maintained via the shared folder.

Advise students to complete the College Application and K12/Dynamic Form (refer students to video tutorials and/or workshops). Monitor their progress via the shared Tracker.

**Current Partners: Upload your tracker to the existing share folder.
**NEW Partners: Email your tracker to DualEnroll@lamission.edu and we will create a shared folder with your school site and provide the link.

What is a Dynamic Form?
K12 forms are now processed electronically via the "Dynamic Form". The form is completed by the student and automatically routed for signatures.

First time? Create a Dynamic Form account (this only needs to be done the first time you log in). If you have an account, skip this step.

The form will automatically route from the student – to the parent – to the Counselor – to LAMC. You will not see the form available to you prior to the student and parent signing.


LAUSD 2021-2022


LAUSD and LACCD Partnership Agreement

AB288 Addendum

LACCD Districtwide Schedule Timeline

LACCD Districtwide Schedule Timeline

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