There are a wealth of scholarships that are available to students who participate in the TAP/Honors program here at LAMC. Included in the links on this page are TAP specific and other scholarship information, such as: UCLA Honors Scholarships, UCLA Transfer Student Scholarships, and UC Irvine Scholarships.

Additionally, by being a member of the TAP/Honors program; active participants have the opportunity to secure a special UCLA scholarship specific to TAP students at local community colleges (like LAMC). The benefit of obtaining an award of this nature allows the recipient renew the award (as long as conditions are met) during your second (potentially senior) year as you complete your bachelor's degree.

Also, please keep in mind all scholarships can be in addition to your traditional financial aid awards. As with most scholarships, an essay is usually required, but (contingent on the guidelines) the same essay can be entered for multiple scholarships.

Explore the link below to discover benefits, scholarships and privileges await you at the universities listed below:

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