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L.A. Mission College U-Pass

Fall 2019 U-Pass

Price: $135

Valid between 1/28/2019 to 6/16/2019

The U-Pass (Universal College Student Transit Pass) offers Los Angeles Mission College students unlimited rides on Metro’s Rail and bus lines at a reduced rate.
When you sign up, you receive a sticker featuring smart-chip technology that converts your Student ID into a transit pass (just like a TAP card). To qualify, you must be currently enrolled in six or more units.

How to Sign Up

  1. Complete the online survey.
  2. Bring proof of survey completion, your payment, and your L.A. Mission College Student ID to the Eagles Landing Student Store, where you will receive your U-Pass sticker.
  3. Place the sticker on your Student ID and begin enjoying unlimited rides.

To renew your L.A. Mission U-Pass

  1. Pay for the U-Pass at Eagles’ Landing Student Store.
  2. Make sure the student store cashier taps your U-Pass sticker on the CPOS machine to ensure activation.
For more information about L.A. Mission College’s U-Pass, stop by the Eagles Landing Student Store or call 818-364-7768.
* You may add Stored Value to your U-Pass to ride the other 23 transit systems throughout L.A. County that accept TAP cards.
** Refunds will not be issued.