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  • The purpose of the Shared Governance Oversight Committee is to oversee the functions of each of the shared governance committees to ensure the continual productivity of the shared governance process at Los Angeles Mission College.


  1.   Administrator (1) (appointed by the president)
  2.   Faculty (2) (1 appointed by the Academic Senate, 1 appointed by AFT)
  3.   Classified (2)


  • The SGOC is authorized and reports directly to College Council.


  • Develop and implement evaluation procedures of each shared governance committee.
  • Facilitate self-evaluations and external evaluations of shared governance committees.
  • Provide a summative and comprehensive shared governance process evaluation to College Council..
  • Provide recommendations for improvement to each shared governance committee.
  • Monitor and oversee the membership of the shared governance committees
  • Participate in planning College Council retreats and midyear Shared Governance Review and Planning and Review.


  • The Office of the President shall serve as the resource for administrative support.


  • Each member of the oversight committee has the responsibility to attend scheduled meetings and adhere to the College Code of Conduct.
  • Each member is involved with facilitating the self-evaluations of shared governance committees.
  • Each member is responsible for external evaluations of the shared governance committees
  • The co-chairs of the Shared Governance Oversight Committee are responsible for posting agendas, minutes, and evaluations to the SGOC webpage.