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The purpose of the Program Review Oversight Committee is to:

  • Provide systematic structure and guidelines to review, evaluate, and enhance the quality of programs and units in each college division.
  • Oversee the annual and comprehensive program review processes to ensure the review process is evaluative and descriptive and to ensure the results of the program review are consistently linked to institutional planning processes.
  • Determine the standard procedures and schedules of self-assessment and peer-validation to ensure the program review process is consistent within programs and units of all divisions.
  • Ensure there is a meaningful linkage between program review and the following: student achievement and learning outcomes, service area outcomes, the College’s Strategic Master Plan, and resource allocation.
  • Provide workshops to educate users on program review tools and processes as needed.
  • Review, update, and revise the Program Review Guide as needed.



This Committee will be composed of the following 11 voting members:

  • Co-chairs of Educational Planning Committee
  • Co-chairs of Student Support Services Committee
  • One classified member of the Student Support Services Committee appointed by the committee
  • Vice-President of Administrative Services
  • Academic Senate appointee
  • AFT appointee
  • Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Informational Technology representative
  • One Department Chair (appointed by Council of Instruction)

The committee co-chairs will be the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and an elected Student Services representative serving on the committee with a three-year term and no term limit.

Members who are not representatives of shared governance committees (i.e., the Academic Senate appointee, AFT appointee, IT representative, and the Department Chair) will have three-year terms with no term limit. The Dean of Institutional Effectiveness is a permanent member of the committee.

Members with three unexcused absences during any semester will be replaced by the appropriate constituent group.



The Program Review Oversight Committee (PROC) is sanctioned by College Council and adheres to the College Code of Conduct.

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