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Professional Growth Committee

Professional Growth Committee : LACCD & AFT - Agreement

LACCD & AFT - Agreement

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Professional Growth Committee


A. Each college shall establish a Professional Conference and Tuition Reimbursement Fund. The Professional Conference and Tuition Reimbursement Fund shall be administered under procedures adopted by a Professional Growth Committee composed of one academic administrator selected by the college president, at least one regular faculty member selected by the AFT and two regular faculty members selected by the Academic Senate.


B. The Professional Growth Committee shall select a faculty member as chair, prescribe the chair's duties and authority, determine its own procedures, and take all other actions by majority vote.


C. The Professional Growth Committee shall:


  1. Recommend the award of reimbursements or other authorized disbursements from the Professional Conference and Tuition Reimbursement Fund of the college on the basis of legitimate criteria listed in the college procedures including, but not limited to, the professional merit of the conferences, workshops, institutes, conventions, seminars, courses or programs attended, and the extent to which they are likely to enhance the performance of faculty or otherwise contribute to their professional development.
  2. Publicize opportunities and deadlines.
  3. Judge all applications for the use of funds impartially.
  4. Award reimbursements or other authorized disbursements from the Professional Conference and Tuition Reimbursement Fund in an appropriate manner. Without clear evidence to the contrary as to the appropriateness, such disbursements shall be accepted.
  5. Provide a bi-annual accounting of all funds under the committee's jurisdiction to all faculty at the college in a manner agreed upon by the committee.


Professional Conferences


D. Each college shall use its Professional Conference and Tuition Reimbursement Fund to defray, in whole or in part, the cost of attendance by faculty members at professional conferences, workshops and seminars, including all necessary and reasonable costs for fees, travel, board, and lodging, not to exceed $1500 per faculty member for any conference, workshop or seminar. Whether or not a particular cost qualifies as being “necessary and reasonable shall be determined by reference to Board Rules (or any regulations adopted pursuant to them) applicable to all District employees that govern reimbursement of expenses incurred in the course and scope of employment.


E. A faculty member who wishes to receive funding for attendance at a professional conference, workshop or seminar shall file a written application as prescribed in the college procedures governing the administration of the college's Professional Conference and Tuition Reimbursement Fund. The form of the application shall be specified in the college procedures, but shall include, at a minimum, the nature and purpose of the conference, workshop or seminar, an itemization of

the estimated costs to be incurred, and the amount of funding requested.


F. If a college directs a faculty member to attend a conference or meeting all of his or her necessary and reasonable costs for fees, travel, board, and lodging shall be reimbursed by the college. If the

Professional Growth Committee does not recommend funding the faculty member's attendance at the conference or meeting, or if there are insufficient funds available from the Professional Conference and Tuition Reimbursement Fund for any other reason, the college shall allocate the funds needed from other sources.


Tuition Reimbursement

G. Each college shall use its Professional Conference and Tuition Reimbursement Fund to reimburse faculty members for the cost of tuition paid for enrollment in credit courses at accredited colleges or universities, or participation in workshops, institutes, or other organized activities that are similar programs of formal training and instruction such as those offered by recognized business, industry, governmental, professional, and occupational organizations or associations.


H. To be eligible to receive reimbursement, a faculty member must be employed as a contract or regular faculty member, or as an adjunct faculty member who is on a seniority list under Article 16. In addition, he/she must comply with all of the requirements set forth in the procedures governing the administration of the college's Professional Conference and Tuition Reimbursement Fund. At a minimum, those procedures shall require the faculty member to:

  1. seek and obtain approval of an educational plan before enrollment in the course or program that identifies the course or program the faculty member intends to complete; explains the reasons the faculty member wishes to complete the course or program, as well as the benefits the faculty member and the college should derive from that completion; and specifies the amount of tuition reimbursement sought;
  2. successfully complete the course or program for which reimbursement is sought; and
  3. submit acceptable evidence of successful completion of the course or program, as well as valid proof of the tuition paid by the faculty member within sixty calendar days after the course or program ends. Unless otherwise expressly provided for in a college's Professional Conference and Tuition Reimbursement Fund procedures, the amount of tuition reimbursement a faculty member can receive for tuition paid during a single academic year shall be limited to fifty percent of the tuition paid or $3000, whichever is less.


I. To provide a minimum level of funding at each college for the purposes of this article, the District shall appropriate the following amounts for distribution to the colleges: $250,000 for each fiscal year for the duration of this contract. Each year, the amount appropriated shall be allocated among the colleges in proportion to each college's full-time equivalent faculty (FTEF) compared to the total FTEF for all of the District's colleges. The allocation shall be placed in each college's Professional Conference and Tuition Reimbursement Fund.