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Professional Growth Committee

July 1st, 2020 - June 30th, 2021

Conference Attendance & Tuition Reimbursement Fund*: $15,540
*Reimbursement subject to change based on budget and based on first come, first served basis

*Note: Conferences have been suspended until further notice. 

Full Time Faculty: $600 maximum reimbursement per academic year.

Adjunct Faculty: $350 maximum reimbursement per academic year.


Request for Conference Procedures

Incomplete Requests or requests after a conference cannot be processed.

Preapproved requests by the Professional Growth Committee become encumbered funds. Therefore, instructors need to notify the Professional Growth Committee if they will no longer be attending a conference or taking a class.

Step 1:

Type the "Request For Conference or Activity Attendance", completing Lines 1-11. Faculty must apply a minimum of 30 days Prior to Conference Date - and a minimum of 60 days in advance for an Out-of-State Conference Request - that needs Board approval. Request for advance registration or advance conference, please click here.


Step 2:

Attach the following documents to this request form:

  • Name of Conference, Conference Date(s) and location, Description of Conference and agenda. (flyer ok)
  • Hotel Reservations/Rate Information must be included
  • Registration Fee Information
  • Estimate meal expenses- (district per diem is $75 with itemized receipts)
  • Transportation- Airline reservations or attach mileage- use Google Maps to calculate round-trip mileage from LAMC to the conference (even if you will leave from home). Reimbursement = 57.5 cents a mile.


Step 3:

Obtain Department Chair Complete signature Approval (in blank space below #12a).

           Do not sign in President/Division Head- reserved for VP and College President.


Step 4:

Return completed packet to Myriam Levy, INST 9 or mailroom.


Step 5:

Professional Growth Committee meets monthly to review requests.

Email confirmation will be sent to you before conference on LACCD email account, when committee has met, all VP and President signatures have been completed, forms are sent to the District Office.
Click Here for a sample of a complete Conference Request Form with attachments

Remember to submit to Payroll an Absence Certification Request with the box for "Conference / Meeting" marked. This form is not submitted to the Professional Growth Committee.


Step 6: After conference-

within 10 business days of conference:
Faculty Must:

  1. Complete Report of Conference Attendance
  2. Travel Expense Claim form
  3. Attach all original receipts to Travel Expense Form. Sign each receipt and tape to an 8 1 /2 x 11 sheet of paper (keep copies for your records)
    This must be returned to Myriam Levy within 10 days.


Step 7:

Academic Affairs Secretary will finish processes and the reimbursement check will be generated from the District Office and sent to the LAMC Business Office. They will contact you when your reimbursement check is ready to pick up.

Questions after reading these instructions? EMAIL   

Professional Growth Committee Membership


Account Number is 10059 ZM029B 586100 (conferences)