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Monte E. Perez. PhD

President, Los Angeles Mission College

On behalf of the Los Angeles Mission College family,
I welcome you to the fall 2019 semester. We are here to support you and ensure that you succeed in life.

Mission is on the move. The campus is seeing a healthy number of new students coming to LAMC, and the new buildings are 95% completed. Our faculty and staff are growing with additional professionals dedicated to your success.

Our initiatives in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are expanding and we are increasing the number of tutors, counselors, and other student support services with the funding from the State's Student Support Success Program (SSSP) and Student Equity Program.

The Los Angeles Mission College family remains committed to welcoming and supporting all of our students. We are sponsoring more student events so that LAMC is the place not only to study and pursue your transfer, degree, or certificate goals, but the place where you thrive.

We are also expanding our partnerships with local organizations, non-profit agencies, government, and businesses so that our graduates meet the current and emerging needs of our community and LAMC guarantees opportunities for you to work, transfer to four-year universities and achieve your career goals.


Very truly yours,

Monte E. Perez, PhD
President, Los Angeles Mission College