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Strategic Planning

LACCD District Strategic Plan
2018-2023 LACCD Strategic Master Plan

2013-2018 LAMC Strategic Master Plan (SMP)
2013-2018 LAMC Strategic Master Plan (SMP)
2013-2018 LAMC SMP Scorecard (2018 Update)
2017 SMP Performance Measures Update

2016 SMP Performance Measures Update
2015 SMP Performance Measures Update

Prior Strategic Plan Annual Updates
Strategic Plan 2012-13
Strategic Plan 2011-12
Strategic Plan 2010-11
Strategic Plan 2009-10
Strategic Plan 2008-09

Annual Review by College Council
Strategic Plan Status, 2010-11
Strategic Plan Status, 2009-10

LACCD Board of Trustees College Effectiveness Reports
2015 College Effectiveness Report
2014 College Effectiveness Report
2013 College Effectiveness Report
2012 College Effectiveness Report
2011 College Effectiveness Report 

What is the college strategic plan? 
The strategic plan describes the goals that the college is planning to achieve over the next five years. Strategic planning allows information to enter the college plan from the top down.

What is the college planning cycle? 
The college planning cycle is the set of activities undertaken annually to develop and update college strategic goals and develop operational plans to achieve those goals.

How does the college planning cycle work?  What is the calendar for conducting planning at LAMC? 
In July-August of each year, College Council reviews area plans considering objectives that have or have not been met, external environmental factors, District initiatives, and revises the strategic plan. In addition, it sets forth annual focus areas or strategic directions, which guide the unit planning process in the coming year.

Each fall semester unit plans are updated to account for strategic directions set by College Council and to report progress on objectives (attained, revised, deleted). Evaluation of unit plans occurs as required by the time-frame of the objective, some of which may be multi-year. Area plans are revised and updated based on the unit plan updates.

With input from the shared governance committees, resource requests in area plans are prioritized and submitted through the appropriate resource allocation approval path. Approved requests are incorporated into the college’s annual operational plan (proposed budget).

How are shared governance committees involved in college planning? 
All units belong to one of the principal college divisions (Academic Affairs; Student Services; Administrative Services; President’s Office).  Area or division plans are the collection/aggregation of individual unit plans. Area plans are administered by the college division head (usually Vice-President) and shared governance committees provide input to these plans through their involvement with the program review process. Shared governance committees validate information from program reviews and recommend priorities to division managers in the formulation of area plans.