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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Office of Institutional Effectiveness : Facts and Figures : Student Achievement

Student Achievement

Institution-Set Standards for Student Achievement (ISS)

LAMC 2018 Institution-Set Standards (PDF)
LAMC 2017 Institution-Set Standards (PDF)
LAMC 2016 Institution-Set Standards (PDF)
LAMC 2015 Institution-Set Standards (PDF)
LAMC 2014 Institution-Set Standards (PDF)
LAMC 2013 Institution-Set Standards (PDF)

Academic Senate Subcommittee on ISS Minutes 1/11/2018
Academic Senate Subcommittee on ISS Minutes 12/7/2016
Academic Senate Subcommittee on ISS Minutes 12/15/2015
Academic Senate Subcommittee on ISS Minutes 12/9/2014
Process for Evaluation and Improvement of the ISS 2/25/2014

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

2017-18 Aesthetic Responsiveness ILO Assessment Report (PDF)
​2017-18 Quantitative Reasoning ILO Assessment Report (PDF)
2016-17 Global Awareness ILO Assessment Report (PDF)
​2016-17 Problem Solving ILO Assessment Report (PDF)
2015-16 Ethics & Values and Written Communication ILO Assessments (PDF)
Spring 2015 Information Competency ILO Assessment Report (PDF)
Fall 2014 Report on Disaggregated ILO Data (PDF)


LAMC Transfer Data to Four-Year Institutions (PDF)
Community College Transfers to CSU
Community College Transfers to UC
Transfers to In-State Privates (ISP) and Out-of-State Institutions (OOS)

Employment Outcomes

Perkins Core Indicators
2019 LAMC CTEOS Report | 2019 Statewide CTEOS Report
2018 LAMC CTEOS Report | 2018 Statewide CTEOS Report
2017 LAMC CTEOS Report | 2017 Statewide CTEOS Report
2014 LAMC CTEOS Report | 2014 Statewide CTEOS Report
2013 LAMC CTEOS Report | 2013 Statewide CTEOS Report
Licensure Exam Pass Rates

District-wide Success and Retention Rates
Fall 2018
Fall 2017
Fall 2016
Fall 2015

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI)

Institutional Effectiveness Goals Framework 2017-18 (PDF)
Institutional Effectiveness Goals Framework 2016-17 (PDF)

Mission Learning Report

Fall 2015 (PDF)
Fall 2014 (PDF)

Interactive Reports (through Summer 2017 only)

Student Success & Grade Distribution