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Internship Info

Welcome to Los Angeles Mission College Multimedia Internship Program


Our Program has a concentration of Video/Film/Sound Production and Animation and Graphic and Web Design and we aim to bring students and employers together to lay the foundations for successful careers and give companies access to amazing students from largest Community College district (LACCD) in the United States.


The Multimedia Internship Program is open to enrolled students from the our program Only Advanced level students are permitted to take on these internship opportunities.

Our students are extremely dedicated, driven, and regularly receive high scores from employers. Every semester we place interns at major entertainment companies and media productions in the Los Angeles basin. In return, we expect a unique learning experience and a professional work environment.


If you are an employer and want to become part of our exceptional roster of approved internship companies, please contact program Director Curtis Stage - Email: or Office 818-364-7771 or Professor John Huynh at

Overview of the Internship Program
Internship Duration

Students typically intern 8 to 15 hours per week during per ½ Semester (7 weeks). LAMC academic semesters run from September to mid December (Fall); and February to June (Spring).

Course Requirements

Undergraduate students must be Advanced Production students and enroll in Multimedia 250, which offer academic credit for fieldwork and includes a weekly mandatory seminar taught by the faculty adviser. The seminar includes discussions of contemporary entertainment industry trends and issues and is a 1 unit course.


Undergraduate students must be in advanced status having taken at least 5 courses in our program (Cleared by Professors Stage or Huynh)


Responsibilities as an Internship Sponsor

As an Internship Sponsor, you are required to:

  1. Provide a supportive learning environment to your internship student.

  2. Discuss your intern's objectives and outline your intern's responsibilities in the Student Learning Agreement at the beginning of the semester/work. Please have your intern return the full Internship Package to the Faculty Adviser/Curtis Stage for final internship approval.

  3. Provide liability and workers compensation insurance to your internship student while on company premises. LAMC’s insurance program provides student's health coverage for enrolled students, but it does NOT provide liability coverage or workers compensation for activities performed off campus. Please complete and sign the Worker's Compensation Agreement as part of the Internship Package.

  4. Ensure that your intern is achieving the learning objectives detailed in the Student Learning Agreement. Check in with your intern periodically to assess your intern's progress in achieving their objectives.

  5. Provide a final evaluation of the student via the Supervisor's Evaluation. This evaluation will be sent to you. Please complete the evaluation and return it to the Faculty Adviser/Curtis Stage. This evaluation is confidential, and will not be shown to the student without your consent. You may find it helpful to use this evaluation as a discussion point during an exit interview.

  6. Review and approve the intern's final time-sheet.

  7. Update your internship listing with prior to each semester that you would like an intern.


Students! Please sign up for access to our Internship App: Job Speaker

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