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Multimedia 320

Course Description:
An introduction to web page design and site management using CSS and HTML. The characteristics of web page design and navigation structures are analyzed. Emphasis is on innovative ways by which to conceptualize, design and create interactive websites.

Course Relationship to the Multimedia Program
Multimedia 320 is an intermediate level course serving two of our three Certificates and AA Degrees. It is geared towards Graphic Design but is valuable in the Video Production concentration as well.

The 2 AA Degree Concentrations/Certificates in which MM320 is a part:

1. Graphic and Web Design
2. Video Production

Student Learning Outcomes for Multimedia 320:

1.) Execute technical software fluency while integrating design principles.
2.) Plan the structure of the web development cycle.
3.) Critique, distinguish and explain successful user interface and design elements within projects.

Course Info


Prerequisite: None. Advisories: MULTIMD 100 & MULTIMD 500

Fall 2020
Section: 26100
Instructor: Crystal Flores
Day/Time: Remote - Wed 5:45pm to 10pm
Location: Zoom