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Multimedia 200

Course Description:
Exploration of advanced digital imaging using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom while integrating established principles of the photographic medium. Photo images are created and manipulated through digital software processes for both fine art and commercial application. Covers techniques used by graphic designers and photographers to enhance images for portfolio and business strategies. 

More Course Info:
Students will use Wacom tablets to assist in projects that emphasize drawing and graphic composting of digital drawing and painting. Techniques that are for use in careers in Concept Art and Design.

Course Relationship to the Multimedia Program
Multimedia 200 another base course serving two of our three Certificates and AA Degrees. It is geared towards Graphic Design but is valuable in the Video Production concentration as well.

The 2 AA Degree Concentrations/Certificates in which MM200 is a part:

1. Graphic and Web Design
2. Video Production

MM 200 Syllabus 

Course Info

200 DIGITAL IMAGING – (CSU) 3 UNITS Prerequisite: None.

Advisories: MULTIMEDIA 100 & MULTIMEDIA 500

Spring 2021
Instructor: Curtis Stage
Day/Time: Tue/TH 10:35am to 12:40pm
​Location: AMP 212