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Multimedia 110


Course Description:
A fundamental course on the nature of visual communication. Emphasis is placed on historical, philosophical, theoretical, cultural and practical aspects of art, design and media arts. Students integrate theory and applied technology to a variety of multimedia projects.

Course Relationship to the Multimedia Program
Multimedia 110 is the base course serving all three of our Certificates and AA Degrees. It is geared towards Graphic Design but is valuable in all concentrations.

The 3 AA Degree Concentrations/Certificates to choose from are:

1. Animation and 3-D Design
2. Graphic and Web Design
3. Video Production

Note: This course is only offered in the Fall Semester

Course Info


Prerequisite: None. Advisories: MULTIMD 100 & MULTIMD 500

Fall 2020
Section: 10057
Instructor: Curtis Stage
Day/Time: TBA
​Location: Online Course -