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Multimedia : Certificates & Credit by Exam

Certificates & Credit by Exam

Certificates of Achievement
Animation & 3D Design (37 units) Gainful Employment Disclosures​ 
Graphic & Web Design (37 units) Gainful Employment Disclosures
Video Production (37 units) Gainful Employment Disclosures

Course Credit By Exam Information

What is Credit by exam?

Traditional course offerings include class sessions or other means of delivering course content, learning activities, assignments, study, as well as other structured activities intended to facilitate achievement of the course objectives. Students then demonstrate their knowledge of the course content and the achievement of course objectives through examinations or other assessment methods.

Credit by exam (CBe) is an alternative method for students to earn credit for a college course by providing students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the course content and objectives through a comprehensive assessment without first participating in the traditional structured learning process. in other words, CBe is a way for students who have already mastered course content and objectives through prior education or experience to earn credit for the course without “sitting through” the class sessions.

The college faculty determines whether or not to offer CBe for particular courses; students do not have the right to take an exam for course credit unless that option is approved by the faculty. A course for which credit is awarded via CBe fulfills the same certificate, degree, transfer/articulation, and other requirements as it would if passed via the traditional method.

Multimedia Offers the following courses as CBE:
Multimedia 100, 240, 340, and 610​

1. Make an appointment with a LAMC Counselor.
2. A separate examination shall be conducted for each course for which credit is to be granted.
3. Counselor works with Department Chair Curtis Stage to determine timeframe and materials to be submitted.
4. a.) Each of the above courses requires a Portfolio of work that represents prior experience or prior learning at "C" level or above.
    b.) Portfolio will be graded based on student learning outcome/grading rubrics (see below)
    c.) Each of the above courses MAY require an additional course final exam which is representative of coursework mastery. This may include proper handling of equipment such as standard   course cameras and lights (Multimedia 610).
5. Portfolio Packets (with 3 items below) may be submitted electronically to Curtis Stage at
6. Portfolio Rating and Credit - When credit is approved, the evaluator makes a recommendation to grant credit for the course requested. Stuident notified by Admissions and Records/Counseling.

Each Portfolio must include the following 3 items:

1. Narrative:
The student will develop an essay to summarize the learning from your experiences based on the course description and competencies. This narrative is a detailed explanation of how your activities and the resulting competencies were achieved. The narrative should be 1 to 3 pages saved as part of the whole Portfolio.

  • Use the course outcomes to guide your discussion of your accomplishments.
  • For a course that includes a substantial amount of theory, demonstrate that you have the appropriate balance of theory and application.
  • The learning narrative will incorporate terminology appropriate to the course and examples of applications of the concepts as demonstrated through your accomplishments.
2. Documentation: 
Provide verification (evidence) for each learning experience and competency specific to the course. The evidence can take several forms:


  • High School Articualtion with partner pathway high school and LAMC
  • Certificates of completion for training courses, workshops, etc. o Performance evaluations
  •  Technical or Professional Experience via Resume
  • Explanation of your rank or classification in a job
  • Multimedia design/video designed or produced by you
  • Lists of Work projects via resume
  • Industry related Certificates Licenses/diplomas

3. Visual:

  • Provide visual display of work appropriate to course material. (Rubric below)
  • Graphic courses: 10 to 20 examples
  • Video courses:  3 to 5 short clips between 1 minute and 12 minutes in duration.
Portfolio Rubric:
Item Target Score(0-10)  
Sources of Learning Experiences      

1.Documentation and description of experiences as a valid basis for CBE

Portfolio content succinctly narrates and describes the significance of the candidate’s relevant learning experiences and supplies relevant documentation as evidence in order to establish the candidate as qualified to write on


Evidence of Competencies


1. Overall Technical Evidence Candidate provides evidence of learning from experience.    
2. Aligned with Course SLOs

Candidate provides adequate and appropriate evidence of each learning outcome for the targeted course per the course syllabus.

3. Experience shown in Work

Clear that the learning arose from the candidate’s direct experience and/or experience represents the candidate’sunderstanding of the topic.

4. Narrative

Narratives clearly introduce the prior learning experience and its relevance to the targeted course.

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Concept Student exceeded the minimum expectation on the outcome or criteria    
Design - Principles and Elements Student exceeded the minimum expectation on the outcome or criteria    
Technical using Software and Hardware Student exceeded the minimum expectation on the outcome or criteria    
Aesthetically Engaging Student exceeded the minimum expectation on the outcome or criteria    
Development Process Student exceeded the minimum expectation on the outcome or criteria     


0 = item/content not evidenced or missing.
1 = item/content insufficiently evidenced
3 = item/content minimally evidenced
5 = item/content inconsistently evidenced
7 = item/content satisfactorily evidenced
10 = item/content fully evidenced

Total points possible: 100 Minimum to pass: 70

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