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Life Sciences : BioScholar Program - NSF HSI Award : Supplemental Materials (Math & Skills Development)

Supplemental Materials (Math & Skills Development)


College Algebra

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Please contact for a copy.

Skill Development

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Strategy for the semester by Dr. Livio

Talking to the Text by Dr. Livio

Weekly schedule grid (time management) by Dr. Livio

Freedom to Learn

What Mindset Do You Have? 

Your Inner Couch by Dr. Livio



Angular momentum in human walking

When biology gets 'Quirky', scientists turn to math

Brainology: Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn 

Math modeling integral to synthetic biology research

A mathematical approach for understanding intra-plant communication

Scientists use math modeling to predict unknown biological mechanism of regulation

Academic Excellence Workshop - Manual for facilitators

AEW Manual

All materials on this website were prepared with support provided by NSF HSI Award number 1832348.

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