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Early Support

The Early Support system is designed to increase retention, heighten awareness of individual learning processes, and promote positive student development. The system also seeks to provide information about campus resources and to help students reach their academic goals and explore their career options.

Instructors and staff members are encouraged to use the referral system throughout the semester.

Who should be referred?

Students with: 

  • Poor attendance and/or consistent tardiness

  • Low participation/motivation

  • Poor quality of work

  • Late and/or missing assignments

  • Low exam/quiz grades

  • A need to address study skills or time management

  • Academic difficulty due to personal issues outside of the classroom


How are students referred?

Faculty and staff are encouraged to refer students whom they feel would benefit from the service by referring them via the LACCD SIS portal. After you have filled in the necessary information, click the submit button at the end of the form. The referral will be sent for review and follow-up.

Creating an Early Support (Alert) Request

  1. Login to your LACCD SIS portal and navigate to your Faculty Homepage. 

  2. Click on the Early Alert Roster link for the desired course/section.

  3. Click the "Create Alert" link for the desired student. 

  4. Click the "Select Alert" checkboxes for the alerts to be sent and click "Continue."

  5. Select the "Method of Contact" for each alert selected. 

  6. There are two items under the "Method of Contact" list -- you can use either method. 

    • Email - Custom

    • Email - Formatted

  7. Click the comment field and enter the notification subject (ex: "Missing Assignments").

  8. Click on "Email Content" to review and edit the notification to be sent.

  9. Click "OK"

  10. Click on "Process Alert."

For more information on accessing your SIS Portal, please visit the SIS Portal Self-Help page


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