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Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (LOAC)

Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (LOAC) : Charter


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February 4, 2014


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (LOAC) is to provide direction and resources to support an ongoing, systematic process that clarifies and improves achievement of Institutional, Program, and Course Learning Outcomes with specific emphasis on student success. The Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee works with faculty and staff to ensure the process of assessment is integrated and consistent across the College for course SLOs (CSLOs), Service Area Outcomes (SAOs), Program and division Learning Outcomes (PLOs), and Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)


The Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee is sanctioned by the College Council and is a subcommittee of the Academic Senate. The committee works with the Student Support Services Committee and the Administrative Service Units and reports to the Academic Senate.

The Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee is charged with the following:

  • Guide and support faculty and staff in facilitating outcome assessment.
  • Assist in establishing a procedure for evaluating outcomes to ensure continuous quality improvement on all levels.
  • Assist in establishing and maintaining an assessment schedule for all levels of outcome assessment.
  • Work with administration to ensure that outcome assessment assignments are completed on time.
  • Provide colleagues with guidance, training, tools, rubrics, models and other resources that will assist them with outcome development and assessment.
  • Assist faculty and staff in analyzing the results of assessment to implement changes that improve learning and services.
  • Maintain open and frequent communications about outcome development and assessment with various college groups including but not limited to the Department chairs, Academic Division Deans, Curriculum Committee, Academic Senate, and the Offices of Academic Affairs, Student Services, and Administrative Services.
  • Provide qualitative feedback on the overall learning outcome process.

Committee Membership:

The committee is co-chaired by the Outcome Assessment Coordinator and an administrator. Membership includes 1-2 faculty from each department, representatives from Academic Affairs, the Academic Senate, Curriculum Committee, Professional and Staff Development, Student Services, Administrative Services, and the Associated Students Organization (ASO) Advisor and/or student representative.


Voting Rights:

Only faculty and staff members are given voting rights. When there is more than one faculty or staff representative per department present, only one vote per department or area is allowed. The faculty co-chair does not have voting rights.


Reporting System:

The LOAC will report and make recommendations to the Academic Senate and work jointly with the Student Support Services Committee and the Administrative Unit areas.


Membership Responsibility and Code of Conduct:

It will be the responsibility of every member of the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee to attend each meeting and to adhere to the College Code of Conduct.