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Foster and kinship Care Education Program

Foster and kinship Care Education Program : Foster Youth

Foster Youth

The Guardian Scholars Program is designed to provide support and advocacy for current and former foster youth attending Los Angeles Mission College in order to achieve their educational goals to either complete a Certificate, Associates Degree or Transfer to a University. 

Eligibility requirements:  The Guardian Scholars Program provides the following services:
  • Referral to support services and resources
  • Life skills workshops including transfer process, budgeting/money management, health and employment readiness
  • Assistance with college academic information 
  • Advocacy and collaboration with internal offices such as Financial Aid, Admissions & Records, CalWORKs, EOPS, Counseling, DSPS, Bookstore and many more
  • Collaboration and advocacy for services with Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)/Probation, 
  • Help obtaining laptops and telephones through available resources
  • Linkage to mental health, nutrition and housing resources
  • Assistance with resources for books, school supplies and nutrition
  • Priority registration
  • Field trips
If you were in foster care after the age of 16 and are not older than 26, you may be qualify for the CAFYES/NextUP program! Please visit for additional eligibility requirements.

For more information about the Guardian Scholars Program, please contact:
Maria Granados
 (818)336-1108 (call or text)

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