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  • The Facilities Planning Committee will review and/or develop recommendations for new and renovated facilities and infrastructure to improve the quality of the teaching and learning environment that supports student learning outcomes.  The Facilities Planning Committee is advisory to the College President regarding facilities planning issues at all college venues, including owned and leased off- campus facilities.


  • 3 Administrators (Vice President, Administrative Services; Vice President, Academic Affairs; Vice President, Student Services)
  • 1 Director of College Facilities
  • 6 Faculty (3 appointed by Senate, 3 appointed by AFT including 1 from the Work Environment Committee)
  • 4 Classified  (1 AFT Guild, 1 Supervisory, 1 Trades, 1 appointed by the President)
  • 1 ASO appointee
  • 15 Voting members
  • Resource Table: Technology Dean or appointee, Representatives from Building User Groups


  • The Facilities Planning Committee is one of 6 Standing Shared Governance Committees chartered and authorized by College Council.  The Committee is authorized to form ad hoc subcommittees or task forces as needed.


  • Oversee college facilities planning in relation to how programs can effectively use buildings and spaces
  • Promote sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact
  • Review college facilities master plan
  • Review educational master plan for consistency
  • Recommend new facilities projects
  • Review and make recommendations on the collegeĆ¢€™s scheduled maintenance program (SMP process).
  • Recommend SAOs (Service Area Outcomes) and facilities management unit assessment measures
  • Review college facilities use policies and procedures
  • Assist in the development of facilities maintenance standards, staffing requirements and quality control for all college facilities
  • Review projects and make recommendation on priorities for bond funded facilities
  • Stay apprised of Work Environment Committee recommendations to College Council


  • Faculty, Staff and Student memberships are 2 year terms.*  Individuals on the committee may serve no more than 2 consecutive terms.  No Faculty or Staff voting member may serve as a voting member on another shared governance committee concurrently.
  • Each member has the responsibility to attend each meeting.  Members with 3 absences in a semester will be replaced by the appropriate constituent group.  Members are responsible to disseminate committee information to their respective constituents.
  • Follow through on annual self examination assessment of the committee
  • Follow Shared Governance Guidelines
  • Committee members are obligated to comply with the College Code of Conduct.