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January 12, 2017



The purpose of the Educational Planning Committee is to guide the College through a continual process of strategic educational program planning that includes a systematic cycle of evaluation, monitoring, and review. In addition, the Committee will make recommendations on issues related to the College's progress in implementing these plans successfully.



16 Voting Members

Administrators (3)

  • Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Dean of Academic Affairs

Faculty: Senate (9) AFT (2)

  • 1 - Instructional (Senate)
  • 1 - English (Senate)
  • 1 - Math (Senate)
  • 1 - College Readiness Committee Co-Chair (Senate)
  • 1 - Counseling (Senate)
  • 1 - Department Chair (Senate)
  • 1 - Distance Education Committee Member (Senate)
  • 1 - Career Technical Education (AFT)
  • 2 - At Large (1 Senate, 1 AFT)
  • 1 - Adjunct Faculty (Senate)

Classified (1 AFT 1521a)

Associated Students Organization (1)



  • Faculty Librarian
  • Curriculum Committee Chair
  • Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator


  • Vice President of Academic Affairs Co-Chair
  • Elected Faculty Co-Chair (.2 reassigned time or as determined by Academic Senate)

The co-chair will be elected from and by the Committee membership and will serve a two-year term with possible re-election (in accordance with College Council policy on shared governance committees). All appointed members are limited to three consecutive two-year terms.


The Educational Planning Committee is a shared governance standing committee, chartered and authorized by the College Council, and may act with the authority delegated to it by the Academic Senate. It is authorized to form task forces to accomplish specific objectives.


  1. Develop, update and oversee approval of the Educational Master Plan.
  2. Conduct comprehensive review and validation of all programs of study under the office of Academic Affairs.
  3. Support Program Viability Review Process through the EPC voting representative on the Program Viability Review Committee of the Academic Senate.
  4. Review requests for increases in a program's non-personnel, operating budget and send recommendations to Academic Affairs and the Budget and Planning Committee.
  5. Confer with the office of Academic Affairs in the review and prioritization of requests for instructional equipment and resources and forward final recommendations to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.


The Educational Planning Committee will:

  • make recommendations and report regularly to the College Council Committee and the Academic Senate.
  • make regular reports and submit action items to the College Council Committee.
  • make recommendations to the Budget and Planning Committee
  • accept and may request reports from other areas of the College on any issues affecting the Committee's work. These areas include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Program Review Oversight Committee
    • Integrated Planning Committee
    • Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee
    • Office of Career Technical Education
    • Distance Education Committee
    • Curriculum Committee
    • College Readiness Committee
    • Accreditation Steering Committee
    • Budget and Planning Committee
    • Facilities Planning Committee
    • Technology Committee


It will be the responsibility of every member of the Educational Planning Committee to attend each meeting and to adhere to the College Code of Conduct.The appropriate constituency will replace members with three unexcused absences during any semester.