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Web Development Software

Making Frontpage Websites Accessible

Unfortunately Frontpage doesn't have a automatic accessibility features like Dreamweaver MX. Below are some tutorials on making your site accessible.

Online Tutorials

  • How to add an Alt Tag

Dreamweaver MX & Accessibility

MX is the latest version of Dreamweaver released by Macromedia. This newest release has some sophisticated accessibility features.

In previous version of Dreamweaver, a plug-in program called Lift could be purchased to run accessibility diagnostics on a site-in-progress. However, Lift costs $250 and is not in everyone's budget. Now, it is no longer necessary to purchase this third party program as Macromedia has incorporated an accessibility checker into Dreamweaver MX itself. Lift can still be purchased, but now the consumer has a choice.

The tutorials below cover turning on accessibility features and how to use the built-in checker.


  • Activating Accessiblity features
  • About the automatic Accessibility dialog boxes
  • Using the built-in Accessibility checker

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