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Los Angeles Mission College's Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) is committed to Developing Strategies that Promote Success for students with disabilities.  Students with disability related educational limitations receive  accommodation and educational planning to ensure that they have equal opportunity for access to, and full participation in, the curricular and related activities of the College. 

For immediate questions please send an email to Adrian Gonzalez

Counseling services are currently available.
Due to the changing circumstances on campus, we would like to inform you that our DSP&S office will continue to serve our students during our regular office hours. For the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff, we are providing you with the following options to complete your appointments this semester:

eCounseling through Cranium Cafe
Phone counseling

We will do our best to provide the services we normally provide. Please be patient as this transition to online services is an adjustment for everyone.

Student instructions on how to speak with an DSP&S counselor or staff online using Cranium Café

Please use Google Chrome or Firefox, Internet Explorer is not compatible with Cranium Cafe.

Step 1: Please go to
Click “agree”

Step 2: Click on "Canvas"
It is the same login as SIS

Step 3: Cranium Café will request access to your account. Click on “Authorize”

Step 4: Go to any DSP&S front desk and "Knock on Door" to chat with an DSP&S staff person.
If no one is available, refresh the page until you can "Knock on Door"

Step 5: This person will then send you over to an available counselor who is online ready to speak with you or schedule a contact with one of our counselors.
*Most appointments are limited to 30-45 minutes*

Students and Faculty:
Please see below for the correct contact person for your support services. Please be ready with your Student ID# and LACCD student email (it should have the extension “”)

Please contact Marian or Adrian for:
General information about DSPS for new, returning and current students and family members.
Proctoring or related testing services once you have been approved by a DSPS counselor.
General information about meeting with a DSPS counselor.
Important dates for the College.

Please contact Adrian for:
Arrange Zoom meeting for High School Presentation for DSPS Services.

Adaptive technology issues such as closed captioning videos, eBooks, Jaws, and Kurzweil please send an email to

Technology issues related to DSPS students on Canvas, and Zoom please read Q&A below for contact info. Please continue to scroll.any issues with Cranium Café send an email to Adrian Gonzalez,

Miscellaneous technology issues related to DSPS students, e.g. help with access issues.

ASL services – when Robert is not available. Request can be made at:

Please contact Adam or Robert for the following:

Intakes for students who are new, returning or transferring into DSPS

Arranging or changing accommodations, or Letters of Accommodation.

Liaison or advocating with instructors, other LAMC departments and community agencies.

Academic advising for DSPS students; Education plans, course placements, adding/dropping classes, transfer planning, and petitions.

Please contact Robert for:
ASL sign language interpreting services and changes with schedule or not attending class. Please send email to:

DSPS Tutoring requests (Primarily Math and English)

Online Counter Support

Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Adrian Gonzalez

Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Marian Murray


Student FAQs

1. What is COVID-19
a. Coronavirus are a large family of viruses. Many of them infect animals, but some coronaviruses from animals can evolve (change) into a new human coronavirus that can spread from person-to-person. This is what happened with the new coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2, which caused the disease known as COVID-19. Diseases from coronaviruses in people typically cause mild to moderate illness, like the common cold. Some, like the SARS or MERS virus causes serious infections like pneumonia.
2.       Why are classes moving to remote learning?
a.       The United States has declared a national emergency. It is recommended that “social distancing” be used to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. This includes limiting activities in which more than 10 people come together, such as school. In addition, Los Angeles has enacted a “safer at home” order that limits activities within the County. The move to remote learning is an effort to ensure that your education can continue when it is not possible to have in-person classes.
3.       Why are classes suspended from March 16 – 22 and Spring Break moved to run from March 23-29?
a.       The move to remote learning requires a significant shift for professors and the college. The suspension of classes and moving spring break allows us time to make this shift and ensure that we can support you in the best way possible.
4.       When will classes resume?
a.       Classes will resume in their remote model on Monday March 30.
5.       What will happen during the week that was supposed to be spring break?
a.       Classes will be in session during the original spring break running from April 6-12.
6.       Will other holidays be the same?
a.       Yes, holidays such as Cesar Chavez day on March 31 will continue as planned.
7.       Will all classes resume on Monday, March 30?
a.       No, some courses will be unable to transition to remote delivery. These classes will be suspended until further notice and will resume as soon as we are able to convene groups in person. We are already working on plans to expedite the return of these classes through social distancing and will do so as soon as public health officials let us know it is safe to do so.
8.       Will there be other changes this semester?
a.       Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that additional changes will not be required. The District is in constant contact with the LA Department of Public Health, local, state and national leaders. We will continue to evaluate the situation and make changes as required to protect your health and the safety of our communities. We will always work to find ways to support your continued education with the least disruption possible.
9.       Will my class meet at the same time as it did when it was in person?
a.       You should look for communication from your professor to determine how the course will operate remotely. The course may be online live during the class meeting time. This is referred to as synchronous and could occur through Zoom, a feature that is already in Canvas. Other classes may use discussion boards, posted materials and other options referred to as asynchronous. Your professors are working extremely hard to be flexible and find the best way to support your learning.
10.   My class requires hands-on activities such as a lab, career technical, or psychical activity course. What will happen to these classes?
a.       The college and professor will inform you of the status of these courses shortly based on a course by course analysis. Professors are demonstrating amazing ingenuity to maintain effective learning online and some of these courses will be able to be offered remote through advanced software or other innovation. Some courses will be unable to shift to remote learning and we will work with you and your professor to find the best means to continue your education through other means.
11.   I don’t have laptop, can you help me?
a.       Yes, there is an opportunity to request a Chromebook to be loaned to you. This can be accessed through the student portal. Click on the Finanical Aid and Scholarship tile and the select scholarships. This will take you to NextGen where you can apply for technology support.
12.   I don’t have internet access at home, what can I do?
a.       The Los Angeles Public Library circulates a variety of technology items as part of its Tech2go program. The items are available to take home or utilize within the library and include laptops, iPads, and mobile hotspots ( Internet providers have also offered free options in this time of national emergency. Please reach out to your local Internet Service Provider to learn more about their programs. The District is also looking for additional opportunities with our partners to support students and will update this question as more services become available.
13.   What if I am sick and can’t complete coursework.
a.       Please work with your professor and we will work to be as flexible as possible. If needed, please reach out to the professor and college to request an incomplete, which will allow you to complete the work at a later time. Another option is to request an Excused Withdrawal. See question #17 below.  
14.   Will services still be available to me?
a.       The college will not be providing in-person services beginning on March 16. We will update you as soon as in-person services can be resumed. Services will be available remotely through SIS and the student portal. Services such as Financial Aid will be provided using both the SIS and Campus Logic for verifications. Counseling services will be available online using the Online Counseling and Live Chat tile on the student portal. Check your student email for detailed information on online counseling and live chat.
15.   I am having trouble with Canvas.
a.       Please contact the Canvas help line at (844)695-2223
16.   I am having trouble signing on to the student portal.
Please contact the District help line at (844) 695-2223.
17.   I want to drop my classes, what should I do?
a.       If you are receiving financial aid, you should work with financial aid office to determine the impact of dropping classes and to if repayments may be required. If you still choose to drop your classes as a result of the Coronavirus, we will work with you to make sure your academic record is not impacted. This will include the use of excused withdrawals, which do not impact your GPA for transfer or degree purposes. There is no need to make a request for this action. The college will convert your withdrawal (W) to an excused withdrawal (EW) automatically. This will also trigger a refund to your student account, if applicable.
Please continue to check this page as we update the FAQs with the most current information.
18.   Is there a website that will keep me informed about the district’s response to the coronavirus?   
a.       Its recommended that you routinely visit the following site for updates. 
19.  If I paid for my classes using cash, personal check or credit card and later need to withdraw from the class due to the coronavirus outbreak, can I receive a refund?
a.      Yes, a refund will be automatically processed for all students that request an excused withdrawal on or after February 25, 2020.  

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