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Disabled Students Programs & Services

Disabled Students Programs & Services

Faculty Classroom Syllabus Statement

Including a short statement on the course syllabus advising students of the process to request accommodations from the instructor is generally helpful to students and faculty so that everyone knows the process. The inclusion of this statement and reading it out loud provides an invitation to students who have disabilities to interact with the faculty. If normalizes the accommodation process by treating it as part of the course. This process opens the lines of communication between student and instructor, thus making the student feel more comfortable approaching faculty to disclose their disability and need for accommodation. It reminds students that it is their responsibility to request accommodations and follow the DSP&S procedures. It is also standard to include on all college documents a statement that the document is available in alternative format (i.e. large print, Braille, E-text). DSP&S suggest you read and include the following statement in your syllabus and publications:
“LAMC students with verified disabilities who are requesting academic accommodations should use the following procedure:”
  • Step 1: Obtain documentation of your disability from a licensed professional. You may contact DSP&S to request s Disability Verification Form.
  • Step 2: Make an appointment to meet with a DSP&S counselor or specialist to review your documentation and discuss reasonable accommodations. To schedule a meeting, please call DSP&S at (818) 368-7732.
  • Step 3: Bring your disability documentation to your DSP&S appointment. The DSP&S office is located in room 1018 of the Instructional Building.
  • Step 4: Each semester, obtain an Accommodation Letter from the DSP&S to present to your instructor.
Please complete this process in a timely manner to allow adequate time for accommodations in the classroom.

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