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Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee : Program Approval Process

Program Approval Process


Program Submission Preparation (Forms) 

  1. Under Submission Requirements, choose an appropriate program action: New, Update, Discontinue.
  2. Complete the required forms as indicated.    
  3. *For new CTE Program submissions, the following are required:
    1. Regional Consortia approval
    2. Advisory Board minutes
    3. Labor Market Information (LMI)

*Work with the campus Career Technical Education (CTE) office for help preparing the necessary documents. Regional Consortia forms and information are available at (Los Angeles Orange County Regional Consortia).


Program Submission 

  1. Submit the completed program forms, as outlined in STEP 1, to the Curriculum Committee email 
  2. The submission email should be titled, Program Submission-(Program Title) and must include Cc: to
    • Department Chair
    • SLO Coordinator
    • Articulation Officer
    • Area Dean 


Program Processing

  1. The program undergoes technical review and documents will be returned to the originator to address noted revisions, as needed. It is the responsibility of the originator to return all program documents to the Curriculum Committee email once all revisions have been addressed.
  2. Once the revised documents are returned to the Curriculum Committee email, the program may be processed as follows:
    1. ADTs/Non-Substantial Changes/Non-Transcripted Skill
    2. Program documents will be placed on the next practicable Curriculum Committee agenda.
    3. New/Substantial Changes/Discontinuance
    4. Program documents are reviewed by EPC, who will make a recommendation for viability to the Curriculum Committee.
      • If viability is recommended, the program is forwarded to the Academic Senate (Program Viability Process). The outcome of Senate viability is either the determination that the program is not viable and the Senate votes on this outcome, or the program is viable and will be placed on the next practicable Curriculum agenda. 
      • If viability is not recommended, all documents will be placed on the Curriculum Committee agenda.


Curriculum Committee Review

The program originator or representative must be present and prepared to respond to any committee questions on the meeting day when the program is on the agenda. The committee will vote at the meeting. Here are the possible outcomes and the subsequent steps:

  • The program may be APPROVED. If so, it will be routed for final signatures, sent to district for BOT approval, and submitted to State as required.
  • The program may be NOT APPROVED. If so, it will be returned to the originator to address committee concern(s).
  • The program may be TABLED. If so, the originator can work with the Curriculum Vice Chair to address committee concerns in preparation for re-submission.


The steps below describes the program approval process at LA Mission College.

Program Approval Process FlowchartProgram Approval Process