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Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee : Course Approval Process

Course Approval Process

All Course Outlines of Record (COR) are processed through the Electronic Curriculum Development (ECD) system. Faculty may be granted access to the system to work on CORs. To login, go to the ECD homepage ( and request an account. Once the request is made, you will receive an email with a temporary password.


COR Submission Preparation

  1. Login to the ECD system (
  2. Choose an appropriate action: Update, Create, Archive or Reinstate a course.
  3. Complete the required fields for the action you chose. For help with tech review requirements, refer to the COR tech review checklist.
  4. Complete the required addendums (COR - Section VIII). Check Section VI of the COR to see if the Course Change* box is checked. If so, please be sure that your district discipline committee (if applicable) is informed and is in agreement with this change. Failure to do so may result in a challenge to your course change.
  5. If this is an update to an existing COR, include a note at the top of the COR Section I indicating the type of update (For example: "C-ID update", "SLO update" or "Regular update"). Certain types of submissions may not need to go thru the full review process. 

*If the changes are to a district attribute, the changes will be posted at district for 10 days, and if they are not challenged by a sister college these changes will be implemented the next available Fall semester.


COR Submission

From your ECD inbox, click the "Send To" link. The COR will be automatically routed to the appropriate Department Chair for their approval.


Preliminary Processing

  1. The Department Chair will either:
    • approve the COR and move it forward to the Supervising Dean, OR
    • send the COR back to the originator if any sections require revision.
  2. Once approved by the Department Chair, the COR will be processed by the following reviewers:
    • Supervising Dean*
    • Curriculum Secretary* (the COR is considered submitted once processed by the Curriculum Secretary)
      *During this preliminary review of the COR, if there are any sections or addendums that require revision, the COR may be returned to the originator for revision (See COR Approval Process Flowchart below).

What do I do if I get my COR back for revisions? Read and address all notes in the COR. As you address the comments, add your own note to notify reviewers that you have addressed his/her comment.



  1. The COR is forwarded for technical review by all of the following:
    • Curriculum Committee members
    • The Articulation Officer
    • The SLO Coordinator
    • The Librarian
    • Administrators
  2. Once tech review is completed, the COR will be returned to the originator to address all noted revisions. Read and address all notes in the COR. As you address the comments, add your own note to notify reviewers that you have addressed his/her comment 
  3. Once all notes are addressed "Send To" Curriculum Chair for placement on the agenda.

It is the responsibility of the originator to return the COR to the Curriculum Chair once all comments have been addressed.


Curriculum Committee Review

The originator or a department representative must be present and prepared to respond to any committee questions on the meeting day when the COR is on the agenda. The committee will vote at the meeting. Here are the possible outcomes and the subsequent steps:

  • The COR may be APPROVED. If so, it will be routed for final signatures. Once all signatures are completed, the COR will be routed to district and State as required.
  • The COR may be NOT APPROVED. If so, it will be returned to the originator to address committee concern(s).
  • The COR may be TABLED. If so, the originator can work with the Curriculum Vice Chair to address committee concerns in preparation for re-submission.


COR Approval Process Flowchart