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Professional Baking


CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT Professional Baking & Patisserie

Gainful Employment Disclosures - Professional Baking & Patisserie​

The Baking & Patisserie Certificate of Achievement program is designed for students preparing for an upwardly mobile career in Baking & Patisserie industry. The Baking & Patisserie Certificate of Achievement program prepares students for entry-level employment in bakeries, pastry shops, hotels and fine dining restaurants. Through this program, students will obtain the necessary skills and competencies for entry-level employment and put them into a position of rapid upward mobility to manager/supervisor with minimum experience. Specific occupational goals our students expect to acquire include careers as Baking Prep Cook, Pastry Cook, Lead Baker, Assistant Pastry Chef, Executive Pastry Chef, and Bake Shop or Pastry Shop Owner/Operator.


Program Learning Outcomes – Upon completion, students will be able to: 

  • Define and use the basic terminology and techniques of the professional baker and pastry chef;  
  • Demonstrate proficiency in advanced techniques for specific baking & pastry applications;
  • Demonstrate the importance of local and seasonal products in professional baking; 
  • Demonstrate station organization, purchasing, storage, menu writing, and sanitation principles as they apply to food handling;
  • Demonstrate responsibility and team skills for the food service industry;
  • Determine and appraise career opportunities within the baking industry; 
  • Critique, assess, and improve performance, listening and communication skills; and
  • Employ the diversity of cultural influences and values related to a professional baking environment. 



Cln Art 50 Sanitation & Safety (2 units)
Cln Art 60 Culinary Arts Orientation & Techniques (4 units)
Cln Art 103 Cln Art 103 Culinary Nutrition (2 units) 
Cln Art 107 Principles of Garde Manger & Basic Baking (4 units) 
Cln Art 108 Restaurant Supervision & Training (2 units)
Cln Art 150 Chefs Training for Apprenticeship I (2 units) 
Cln Art 155 Chefs Training for Apprenticeship II (2 units)
ProfBkg 200 Principles of Baking & Patisserie I (4 units) 
ProfBkg 210 Principles of Baking & Patisserie II (4 units) 
ProfBkg 215 Restaurant Plated Desserts (4 units)
Total Units: 30 

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