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Culinary Arts


Program Description 

Gainful Employment Disclosures - Culinary Arts

The program is designed to train and prepare students for careers in all aspects of the culinary arts and hospitality fields. The design of the program is balanced between developing the culinary tactile skills of food preparation and the management qualities necessary for career growth.

Successful students will be prepared to work as prep cooks, line cooks, sous chefs, and kitchen managers, restaurant managers in a wide range of food service settings, such as restaurants, hotels, catering operations, and institutional
kitchens. The program will focus on cooking skills development, problem solving, supervision, kitchen management skills and challenging students to critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of culinary operations and identify entrepreneurial approaches to restaurant operations.

Program Learning Outcomes Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate station organization, purchasing, storage, menu writing, and sanitation principles as they apply to food handling
  • Use classic cooking terminology and methods, apply health and safety standards
  • Demonstrate skill and apply professional industry standards in food handling, dining room & beverage service, baking and food service, and use of kitchen equipment and tools
  • Demonstrate responsibility and team skills for the food service industry
  • Describe career opportunities within the food industry and strategize own career
  • Critique, assess and improve one’s own performance, listening skills and communication skills for personal, academic, and career purposes
  • Recognize the diversity of cultural influences and values related to a professional culinary environment
  • Think critically in evaluating information, solving problems, and making decisions related to food preparation and food service.


Cln Art 50 Sanitation & Safety (Formerly FsMgmt 50) (2 Units)
Cln Art 60 Culinary Arts Orientation & Techniques (4 Units)
Cln Art 101 Culinary Fundamentals I (4 Units)
Cln Art 102 Culinary Fundamentals II (4 Units)
Cln Art 103 Culinary Nutrition (2 Units)
Cln Art 104 Dining Room& Beverage Management (4 Units)
Cln Art 105 Menu Planning (2 Units)
Cln Art 106 Purchasing & Receiving (3 Units)
Cln Art 107 Principles of Garde Manger & Basic Baking (4 Units)
Cln Art 108 Restaurant Supervision & Training (2 Units)
Cln Art 109 Principles of Catering (4 Units)
Cln Art 110 Culinary Green Technology (3 Units)
Cln Art 155 Chefs Training for Apprenticeship II (2 Units)
Cln Art 150 Chefs Training for Apprenticeship I (2 Units)
Total Units: 42

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