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Culinary Arts : Instructors : Chef Louis Eguaras

Chef Louis Eguaras


Department Chair / Chef Instructor

Chef Louis Eguaras has over 30 years experience in the restaurant and culinary arts industry. His professional culinary arts experience started in the US Navy working as Chef, Culinary Specialist and Guest Relations Coordinator at Camp David for President George H. W. Bush Sr. and at The White House for President Bill Clinton, where he was responsible for planning, coordinating and preparing meals for the First Family’s, Senior Camp David and The White House staff’s and US Navy personnel meetings, state dinners, banquets, events and dining halls. He worked alongside White House Chef Walter Scheib, Chef John Moeller and Chef Patrice Olivon. He also did some work at the French Embassy and The Blair House in Washington DC. Chef Eguaras was the Events Manager and Personal Chef for Admial Zlatoper CINCPACFLT, Pacific Fleet. Chef Eguaras received a Presidential Service Badge (PSB) award for his outstanding service for two United States Presidents and Four-Start Admiral. Chef Eguaras has an AA degree in History and a BA degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management.  

Chef Eguaras has been a faculty at Culinary Arts Institute at Los Angeles Mission College for over 9 years and is currently the Department Chair of Culinary Arts. He has also been actively involved on campus including Academic Senate Senator, Faculty Hiring Prioritization Committee, Curriculum Committee, Elections Committee, Program Viability Review Committee, San Fernando Valley Food and Wine Festival Committee, and was faculty advisor for the LAMC Culinary Student Club.

Prior to LAMC, Chef Eguaras has taught and developed culinary arts curricula at Institute of Culinary Arts Education, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts (Pasadena and Scottsdale), New England Culinary Institute, College of the Canyons Culinary Arts and Wine Studies, and William Hart School District ROP Culinary Arts Program. Chef Eguaras is the author of Los Angeles Timesand New York Times bestseller list, 101 Things I learned in Culinary School published by Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Group in May 2010. He was selected Sara Lee Brand spokesperson for The Joy of Eating 2007-08 Marketing Campaign, where he developed recipes and did cooking demos across the United States during the 2008 Presidential Campaign Satellite Media Tour. 

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