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Free Microsoft Office 2013 for LA Mission Students
Mac and Windows:

This software is offered to students of LA Mission College Computer Science and Information Technology.  Most frequently asked questions (FAQ) are answered here.  One very popular question is how to make a DVD or CD from an ISO file.  The answer is in the FAQ along with a link to free software to burn ISO images.  Please review this list for the answers to the most common questions.

As a currently enrolled student you have access to this software.  The email address you supply at registration is the email of record used to create your account.  The available software are only Microsoft products and they are development tools, operating systems, and server operating systems.  Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel are not included, though Microsoft Access is.  For more information visit the wikipedia page.

Click here to visit our store front, login, and see the software titles.  The products listed are free to download and use. Please keep in mind that this software is a benefit of enrolling in a computer science class and is not a requirment for completing your class.

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