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Career Center

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Visit any of the following Online Job Boards to find job and internship opportunities near you!

-- Entry-level jobs and internships for students of nursing, engineering, business and all disciplines.
-- Search 1.6 million Jobs on  Find new employment or work.  Fresh job listings posted daily.  Have jobs emailed to you.  Explore career opportunities.  Post your resume and find U S/international jobs.
-- This site offers diversity career planning and job search strategies plus career and industry reports.  Articles by African American writers are also available.
-- Enter What (keyword) and Where (zip code) and obtain job listings from hundreds of websites, based on your entries.
-- Start your job search at Find jobs that are close to home. Search job opportunities in your field. makes your employment search easy.  Lists jobs throughout the U.S. and internationally.
 -- New Linked-in job postings for job-seekers to research and pursue job opportunities. Three ways that LinkedIn Jobs is unique for job-seekers:
1. Quickly identify alumni & personal connections in each job posting
2. Know if a company has a history of hiring people like you
3. Find out who you will work with if you get the job
Use Monster’s job search tools to find a job on-line or browse jobs to find relevant employment opportunities in your area.

-- Browse jobs by job title, location, company, and industry at this top-rated search engine that pulls job postings from job/career web sites from all over the country. 

-- Search by zip code and/or get job alerts for part-time and full-time hourly and summer jobs, including on-line home based opportunities.
--Type in the job you are looking for and the city/country. Also provides volunteer opportunities.
--Find you next job or internship.

Cyber Security
--A complete guide to cybersecurity internships. The guide includes information related to the kinds of internships available to cybersecurity students and recent graduates, where to look for internships, and what to expect to get out of an internship.

How to Land an Internship
--This guide contains information to help you obtain and complete internships. You will gain insight into the application process and common intern responsibilities. The guide also provides strategies for maximizing the benefits of working as an intern.

Resume and Cover Letter Tips and Tricks
--This guide provides an overview of resume building and the different types of resumes that exist, including tips on how to create or format your own resume in order to better stand out as a candidate. You will gain insight on documents such as resumes, cover letters, and CVs.

Networking and Mentorship Deep Dive
--This guide provides an overview of professional networking and mentoring, including guidance on preparing for an informational interview, following up on a new connection from an event, and using online networking tools effectively.


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