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ATTENTION: The Career Center has moved to the Campus Center, Lower Level Room 1532

The Career Center at Los Angeles Mission College provides you with career and major information you need to make informed decisions.


Whether you are undecided or have already selected a major, our counselor will help you understand which majors might lead to certain career paths. You will get important information about job descriptions, salary, preparation required, high-growth industries and major & university information. You can also take a career assessment to determine your interests, values, and goals and find out what careers might be a good match for you.

To schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor or Career Coach for more information, call 818.833.3403 or email: 


 Do You Need Help Choosing a Major?

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Make an appointment with the Career Center where you can take a personality quiz to help you choose a major.


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Lower Level Campus Center/Room 1532


Claudia Ramirez 
Counselor/ Director

Georgina Castaneda
Career Guidance Counselor Assistant

Rosa Moreno
Career Coach

Valerie Loy
Student Worker

Abigail Garcia
Career Coach

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