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Success Stories

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Antonio Estrada

Never have I experienced a course or program that best mirrors real world careers. I currently work at Takeda and it's amazing how familiar everything felt from the procedures and SOPs done to even full body gowning. For me I see this course as how a video game has a practice level or how the first levels teach you the fundamentals for you to later build upon them. I am very grateful for this program and Professor Arora for teaching me how to be a better student and an even better addition to the biotech industry.

Inessa Bychinskaya

I have been interested in biotechnology for a while but couldn't pursue a degree in the field. After obtaining a degree in chemistry, I decided to learn about biotechnology. After two semesters at LAMC, I gained knowledge about the biotech industry and gained experience by learning many useful lab techniques. Dr. Arora is very informative and sees her students’ capabilities, aspirations and helps guide her students to bright career paths. She invited representatives from biotech companies to her class so students could learn about the different companies for potential employment. I was blessed to attend a biotech class taught by Dr. Chander Arora at LAMC. I was't sure if I could apply for a biotech job with no work experience in biotechnology or chemistry but she encouraged me to apply, and here I am now – a scientist at ThermoFisher Scientific!

Valerie Khussainov

With a lifelong love and passion for science, I pursued a career in the field sooner than expected. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity. As a college student, I can say the immense support from Dr. Arora Chander, my classmates, and everyone else was like no other and has made it possible for me to achieve my associates in Biotechnology. I did not expect to accomplish my goal so quickly and I will miss the class so much. I am currently completing my internship with Lief Labs and look forward to work full time with them afterwards. I decided to take a chance and it has been one of my best choices as I grew as a person in the best ways possible. Thank you to everyone, best of luck and remember anything is possible if you just take a chance, I believed in myself and so can you!

Denisse Nava

Coming from science courses, I enrolled into Biotech courses for one semester because I like hands-on labs. At the same time, I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to work. All I knew is that I wanted to apply my lab skills in a real lab setting and do meaningful work that helps others, and LAMC Biotech program through Dr. Arora’s mentorship and exceptional guidance, has connected me with that exact opportunity. I'm very grateful to have been selected as an intern at T-Cure Bioscience to work on immunotherapies. I am looking forward to executing my skills and working in a professional environment.

Dexter Williams

Life comes with many opportunities and endless choices. Joining Los Angeles Mission College Biotech Program wasone of my better choices yet. This is not a program, it is an experience, a life changing one! From the education planning of the enthusiastic organized STEM counselors to the exceptional Professor, Dr. Chander Arora, education could not be more exciting, inspiring, and influential. Being in the Biotech program for only one semester solidified me a job for a major Pharmaceutical company called Pharmavite, which helps me gain work experience in the biotech field while obtaining my Biotech Lab Assistant Certification. I was very fortunate to stumble upon this opportunity at LAMC.

Ivan Segovia

I was a Grocery Stocker with Frito-Lay with an interest in science when I attended an information session at LA Mission college when I heard Dr. Arora talking about Biotechnology program. Her words resonated with me for "Don't let what you are stop you, from being what you could be." I decided to take a chance for one semester of her Biotech Lab Tech Certificate program. I wanted to give it my best, so I left my job towards end of this class. The sacrifice was worth it as before even finishing the program, I have been hired by Pharmavite for a full-time position. This program is at another level. I couldn’t be happier and more grateful to Dr. Arora for her exceptional dedication and leading the way to a dream destination. I accomplished much more than I ever anticipated when I started this program.
Thanks LAMC!
“I am just reaching out to share some exciting news with you. I got into Cornell, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, Middlebury and other great schools and I truly wanted to thank you for your letter of recommendation. Without your help I couldn’t make it, thank you so much! I am going to attend Cornell for the college of arts and sciences, thank you!"
-Anonymous (Dual Enrolled Biotech/High School Student 2019)

Sergio Torres

After completing the biotech program, I was able to get a paid internship at Thermo Fisher Scientific
(Aug 2019), after about 4 months I was employed officially. Since then, I've been doing really good at
work, the company was really secure even during 2020, thankfully I've been moving up the ranks and
my supervisor has plans to keep using me to the best of my potential.  Besides God, I can thank the
team leading the Biotech Program at LA Mission College for helping me land a job at such a prestigious

Anand Mistry:

Mission College Biotech Program provided me with the knowledge and hands-on experience and techniques to stand out allowing me to get the job even during a pandemic. I am very excited to be part of this program and it turned out to be the best thing to get me a prestigious job in the field. I already had a Bachelor’s degree but this program and the guidance of Professor Arora, is way beyond a certificate. The soft skills introduced in your program were totally new to me and I never paid attention to them before this. I had only seen people in gowns on TV before your class. You even taught us ‘Aseptic Gowning’ . The class picture with gowns would always stay with me. You prepared me for many challenges with your passion, dedication and skills. I’m always going to be thankful for what I learned and acquired. This is transformation! Thank you, Dr. Arora!

Carlos Maldonado

I learned how to apply Safety, Quality and 5S principles in Biotechnology. The unique aspect of this program equipped me with good communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills, team mentality and problem solving through the team project. These skills enhanced my performance at Amazon especially during unusual conditions of Covid. Now I am very excited about moving from a billion-dollar Corporation like Amazon to another billion-dollar Biotech Industry like Thermofisher.

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