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Angela Pan
STEM Counselor




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Dr. Chander Arora - 818-364-7753
Center for Math & Sciences - CMS 225


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Allied Health Office

Instructional Center (INST) 2015

818-833-3428 (Voicemail ONLY. Please send an e-mail.)

Dr. Chander Arora
Biotechnology Faculty - 818-364-7753
Center for Math & Sciences - CMS 225

Par Mohammadian, RPh, PhD
Vice Chair of Life Sciences Department - 818 833-3424
Center for Math & Sciences - CMS 221 (Rm. 238)

Dr. Stephen T. Brown
Chair of Life Sciences Department - 818 364-7665
Center for Math & Sciences - CMS 227

Karmen Yaghoubi Masihi
NSF ATE (Biotech), SFP Program Technician
Center for Math & Sciences - CMS 221