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Textbook & Supplies & Student Handbook

Student Handbook  [CLICK HERE]

CNA-HHA Textbooks

(1) CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification,
California Edition

Author: Carrie L. Jarosinski
© August Learning Solutions
ISBN-13: 9781941626030
(2) CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification,
California Edition Workbook

Author: Lisa Rae Whitley
© August Learning Solutions
ISBN-13: 9781941626160
Free rental available at LAMC Bookstore
near the start of the semester.
Available for purchase at LAMC Bookstore
near the start of the semester.
Textbooks will be available at LAMC Bookstore near the start of the semester. 
[Click here] to go to the LAMC Bookstore page. 

Contact LAMC Bookstore and speak to Rebecca or Zoila for details
[click here for LAMC Bookstore contact info].

Scrubs, Name Tag, & White Tennis Shoes

Student must wear their scrubs, name tag (+ LAMC Student ID Card), & white tennis shoes on Clinical Days (designated as "Clinical" on Weekly Schedule).  Confirm with your instructor in class if there are any other days (e.g. lab/skills practice) when wearing the uniform is required.
  • Uniform: light blue scrubs with Los Angeles Mission College logo; no designs or other colors permitted. 
  • Name Tag: Nurse Assistant Student name tag holder. 
Obtain scrubs and name tag from LAMC Bookstore.  [Click here] to go to the LAMC Bookstore page. Contact LAMC Bookstore and speak to Pabla Rosales -or- Zoila Rodriguez-Doucette for details [click here for LAMC Bookstore contact info].
*Keep all your receipts to apply for reimbursement. Los Angeles Mission College was awarded a grant (2017/2018) from the Arthur Rupe Foundation to support students enrolled in the CNA program. To review the qualified expenses and apply for reimbursement please review the APPLICATION FORM.  =>If you have all the required documents and would like to apply for reimbursement, please send an e-mail to with "Arthur Rupe" in the subject line and let us know when you would be available to submit your completed Arthur Rupe Reimbursement Application Form and the supporting documentation required.*
  • Shoes: white tennis shoes. 
White tennis shoes can be obtained from any store.
-If you already have white tennis shoes, wear/bring them the 1st day of class and confirm with the instructor.
-If you do not yet have white tennis shoes, request clarification from your instructor in class before purchase. 
-Contact WorkSource (see below) for assistance with reimbursements and support services:
  • WorkSource  |  Nancy Sifuentes  |  (818)504-0334 (ext. 119, request to speak with Nancy Sifuentes)  |  |  LAMC Location: INST 2012 (by appointment)

LAMC Student Identification Card

Required for use with name tag holder.  Obtain your LAMC Student ID card from the Business Office Students are required to pay their fees before obtaining an ID card.  If students have applied for Financial Aid, the Financial Aid Office usually disburse tuition funds before the semester starts.  Students must apply in advance to avoid delay in processing.

First Week of Class    [View Weekly Schedule]

To bring to the first week of class:

  • Valid Photo Identification & Social Security Number
    • Acceptable Photo IDs: Valid, Non-Expired  state or federal--e.g. driver's license, ID card, passport with photo (any country), alien registration (green card), or military ID. 
    • Social Security Number. Note: Students with no social security number may contact CDPH Aide and Technician Certification Section at (916) 327-2445 for specific information.

For CNA resources from CDPH,
[click here].

For HHA resources from CDPH,
[click here].

Nursing Powerpoints (link to powerpoints)

Skills Review Packet (UPDATED) (link to skills review packet)


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