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Health Occupations 063, 064, 065 Textbook


Health Information Technology (HTHTEK) Textbooks  (Spring 2020)

  • HTHTEK 103 - Introduction To Basic Coding.  See: [Syllabus].  Contact: [Instructor].

    • ​Required Textbooks:

      • ​Basic ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Coding 2020
        Schraffenberger & Palkie; AHIMA; ISBN: 9781584267447.
        Basic ICD-10 CM and ICD-10-PCS Coding Exercises
        Schraffenberger; 7th edition; AHIMA; ISBN: 9781584267065.
        ICD-10-CM 2020: The Complete Official Codebook
        American Medical association; ISBN: 9781622029235.
    • Recommended Book:

      ICD-10-PCS 2020: The Complete Official Codebook, 2020
      American Medical Association; ISBN: 9781622029266.
  • HTHTEK 230 - Electronic Health Records In The Health.  See: [Syllabus].  Contact: [Instructor].

    • Health IT and EHRs: Principles and Practice, Sixth Edition 
      Author: Margret K. Amatayakul; AHIMA Press, 2017.
      ISBN: 9781584265290.

Health Information Technology (HTHTEK) Textbooks  (Fall 2019)

  • HTHTEK 100 - Introduction to Health Information Technology

    • ​Health Information Management Technology: An Applied Approach
      5th Edition; ISBN: 9781584265177; Publication Date: 2016
      Nanette Sayles and Leslie Gordon
      Case Studies in Health Information Management
      3rd Edition; ISBN: 9781305955332; Publication Date: 2017
      Charlotte McCuen, Nanette Sayles, and Patricia Schnering
  • HTHTEK 110 - Ambulatory Coding

    • ​Basic Current Procedural Terminology / HCPCS Coding
      ISBN: 9781584266822; Publication Date: 2019
      Gail I. Smith 
      CPT 2019 Professional Edition: Spiral Bound 
      ISBN: 9781622028825; Publication Date: 2019
      American Medical Association
      Current Procedural Terminology and HCPCS Coding Exercises
      5th Edition; ISBN: 9781584266884; Publication Date: 2018
      Gail I. Smith 


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