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Unofficial Transcripts

Copies of unofficial transcripts may be obtained from the Student Information System (opens a new window) on the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) website. If you require assistance in accessing your student portal, please visit our
 Student Success Center here

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are available to order online at
To request a transcript online, you are required to submit the transcript fee with a credit card. The National Student Clearinghouse charges a $2.50 convenience fee for processing an online order. Rush orders are available
Please read important information below before ordering Transcripts or
 *Verification of Enrollment

  1.  “MAIL” Option:  Student Clearinghouse states it only offers a “MAIL” option. US Mail is one of three ways we send out Official Transcripts. 
  2.  E-Trans Transcripts:  Los Angeles Mission College and LACCD participates with E-Trans/XAP which allows us to send transcripts electronically. The Admissions &Records office will automatically send official transcripts via E-Trans to any College/University that will accept them in this manner.  No additional instructions are needed. 
  3.  Emailing Official Transcripts In your request you will be required to put a physical address, but our staff will email the Official Transcript for you when you provide an email address in the area described below.
  •  “Enter other required information only”:  In this area additional instructions may be added for the Admissions and Records Staff. 
Enrollment Verification: When requesting an Official Enrollment Verification, you will still go the student clearing house and select Transcript. In the Enter other required information only section you will inform us that you need an Official Verification of Enrollment. We will then complete the request as a Verification and not an Official Transcript. Please note the information below and inform us if it applies to your request.
  • Please let us know if the class schedule needs to be included with the verification.
  • The mailing address provided on the request form will be used to mail out the Official Verification. If the agency prefers the form to be emailed, please provide the email address in your special instruction.
  • If there is a form to be completed, you may upload it and we will attach it to your Verification.. We accept jpg, jpeg, and pdf files. 
  • Very important to note A&R Staff will only verify one semester per request. If multiple semesters need to be verified a request for each semester must be made. 


Classes Taken Overseas While in The Military

If you took classes while serving overseas in the military (1972-1984), your records are maintained by Los Angeles Mission College. To request a transcript, you may also use the National Clearinghouse as described above. 

 Please visit: and follow these steps:
  • On the home page, select Order or Track a Transcript from the Order-Track-Verify menu on the top right.
  •  Select Los Angeles Mission College from the drop down menu.
  •  Click on the Submit button
  •  You are now on National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) website. Once you are on the NSC website, select the 
    "Order or Track a Transcript" option and carefully follow the instructions for ordering transcripts.
  • You will indicate in the Enter other required information only area that you are a former Metropolitan College Student. 
  • Please note Metro does not offer any free transcripts. *Transcript fees are subject to change without notice.


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