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Residency Requirements

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To attend any of the Los Angeles Community Colleges as a resident of California, a student is required to have been a California resident for more than one year immediately preceding the Residence Determination Date. The Residence Determination Date is that day immediately preceding the opening day of instruction of the semester session. Residence is defined as a union of act and intent.


At the time of application each student is required to file a Statement of Residence to ascertain the college district jurisdiction in order to comply with the requirements of the law. The information given by each student is subject to certification, and any falsification can result in immediate cancellation of registration and exclusion from the College.


Applicants who are citizens of the United States are considered to be residents of the State of California if they have lived continuously within the State of California for more than one year immediately preceding the start of the semester, and who have the intent of making California their permanent residence. The Residence Determination Date is anounced on the scheadual of classes, the date is the date before school strats.


Non-resident applicants must pay regular Community College enrollment fees plus out-of-state non-residents will be subject to a non-resident tuition fee of $186 per unit; and International non-residents will be subject to a non-resident fee of $204 per unit. This fee must be paid in full at the time of registration. ALL FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BY THE CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE


Students who plan to use their Social Security number as their Personal Identification number must bring their Social Security card or other document as proof of their number.

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