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Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice : Testimonials


Statement of Salim Aimaq
Deputy Sheriff, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
"...I had a great experience at Mission College. By earning my A.S. degree in Administration of Justice, I have benefited both intellectually and monetarily. The Administration of Justice classes enhanced my skills as a deputy sheriff and the faculty was very helpful and understanding. I would recommend the Administration of Justice program at Mission College to anyone interested in a career in law enforcement..."


Statement of Shirley Hawk
J.D. Educator of Social Sciences, James Monroe High School
"...I would highly recommend the Administration of Justice Program offered by Mission College. My experience with the program would be rated as excellent.I was associated with this program when an instructor of law in the Monroe High School's Law and Government Magnet in North Hills, Ca. We combined the A.J. program as college credit classes during both regular class schedules and after school. The highly acclaimed classes were attended by maximum seating numbers. The students have used the knowledge received in these excellent classes to go on to law school, law enforcement and criminal justice careers. The response from the colleges and others has been to express surprise that these students were only high school graduates..."

Statement of Christina Shephard
"…The program is awesome. I have learned so many new things in the field of law enforcement and it has opened my eyes to the different opportunities out there…"


Statement of Albert Sanchez
"…The professors know what they are talking about because they are either retired from law enforcement or in other law fields. They have the actual experience and pass it on to the students…"


Statement of Carlos Jimenez
"…The LAMC AJ program has assisted me in learning of the many different roles in law enforcement…"


Statement of Chris Duarte
"…I feel that the Administration of Justice program is excellent! Continue the good work…"


Statement of Isidro Lopez
"…I think this program is excellent! Especially the way professors teach…"


Statement of Sibell Dilican
"…The Administration of Justice course and instructors at Mission College are outstanding. These classes have given me an overall different perspective of education itself…"

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