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Accreditation Steering Committee

Accreditation Steering Committee : Members


Membership Roster   Spring 2019

Accreditation Steering Committee
Voting Members
Member Position/Constituent Term
Nicole Albo-Lopez Vice President of Academic Affairs, Accreditation Liaison Officer, ASC Co-Chair                            
Kelly Enos Faculty Accreditation Officer
ASC Co-Chair
Monte Perez College President  
Daniel Villanueva Vice President of Administrative Services  
Larry Resendez Vice President of Student Services  
vacant Academic Teamsters 911  
Nune Mikayelyan             AFT Staff Chapter Chair or Designee  
Christine Kourinian SLO Coordinator   
David Garza Non-Classroom Faculty Representative  
Albert Ybarra Distance Education Committee Representative  
Sarah Master Dean of Institutional Effectiveness  
Carole Akl Academic Senate President or Designee  
Vacant Department Chair (appointed by Council of Instruction)  

Zoila Rodriguez-Doucette   

Staff Bargaining Unit: Supervisor & Manager  
Michael Griggs ASO President or Designee  
Zenaida Barredo One Classified (Unrepresented) Member (appointed by College President)  
Resource (non-voting)
Rod Austria Manager, College Information Systems  
Susan Ghirardelli Secretary, Academic Affairs   
Carlos Gonzalez Dean of Student Success  
Madelline Hernandez Dean of Academic Affairs   
Laura Murphy Administrative Services  
Darlene Montes Dean of Academic Affairs  
Marla Uliana Dean of Academic Affairs  
Ludi Villegas-Vidal Dean of Student Services   
Tara Ward Administrative Services