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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE                               Charter

  • The Accreditation Steering Committee (ASC) is a campus-wide committee of representatives from various constituent groups that oversees and manages accreditation and ACCJC related matters.  The ASC will serve as a resource to College Council and the Academic Senate to assist in reviewing, gathering and monitoring the college's efforts to meet or exceed the accreditation standards set by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
  • Monitor the preparation and completion of the self-evaluation report, any Follow-Up reports and Midterm reports to the ACCJC.
  • Provide and ensure internal and external communications on current college accreditation status.
  • Establish the membership and organization of the working standard committees and provide direction as needed for the completion of the Self-Evaluation report.
  • Create a work-plan and timeline for completion of the self-evaluation report and any Follow-Up or Midterm reports.
  • Monitor the progress and completion of all actionable improvement plans contained in the Institutional Self Evaluation Report.
  • Monitor the progress and completion of all recommendations made by ACCJC in the external evaluation report.
  • Identify and recommend appropriate resources, space allocation, and other campus support, as needed, to assist in the accreditation process and ensure progress in meeting all accreditation requirements. 
This Steering Committee will be composed of the following voting members:
  • College President
  • Faculty Accreditation Officer
  • Vice President of Administrative Services
  • Accreditation Liaison Officer
  • Vice President of Student Services
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs 
  • Academic Senate President or designee
  • Academic Teamsters 911
  • Local 721 Staff Bargaining Unit: Supervisors & Managers
  • Department Chair as appointed by COI
  • AFT Faculty Chapter Chair or designee
  • AFT Staff Chapter Chair or designee
  • ASO President or designee 
  • Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Union Representative
  • Local 99 Representative
  • Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
  • One Classified (Unrepresented) Member 
  • SLO Coordinator
  • Distance Education Committee Coordinator or designee
  • Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Manager, College Information Systems
  • Secretary, Academic Affairs
  • Dean of Student Services
  • Classified Representative Administrative Services
  • The committee co-chairs will be the Accreditation Liaison Officer and  the Faculty Accreditation Officer.
  • It will be the responsibility of every member of the Accreditation Steering Committee to attend each meeting and to adhere to the College Code of Conduct.
The Accreditation Steering Committee is sanctioned and is a standing committee of College Council. It is authorized to form task forces to accomplish specific objectives.