Chapter 3 Trigonometry

Ch 3  Radian Measure and Circular Functions

Ch 3.1  Radian Measure

Showing the Relationship between Degree and Radian, and Converting Angles from Degree 120º to Radian

Angle Measured in Radian, Converting Angles from Degrees to Radians, and from Radians to Degrees

Converting Angles 135º. –60º, 15º, 48º to Radian

Converting Angles of 5╥/6, -2╥/9, and 2.1 in Radian to Degree

Determining Coterminal Angles of  ╥/3 and -4╥/5

Determine Six Trig Function Values of  -8╥/3 Using Reference Triangles

Ch 3.2  Applications of Radian Measure

Arc Length and Area of a Sector :

Finding Arc Length from r=9.5, θ=120º
Finding the Difference of Arc Length of d=12ft and d=11.81ft
Finding Area of a Sector from r=450, θ=240º

Finding Arc Length from r=3cm, θ=120º
Finding the Distance of Earth’s Path Around the Sun in One Month from  r=93 Million Miles

Finding Area of a Sector and Area Bounded by a Chord and Arc;
Finding Area of a Sector from r=8, θ=110º;
Finding Area of a Sector from r=12, θ=80º

Ch 3.3  The Unit circle and Circular Functions

A way to remember the Entire Unit Circle for Trigonometry

Tricks to remember Trigonometry values in First Quadrant

Tricks to remember Angles in Radians

Ch 3.4  Linear and Angular Speed

Linear Velocity and Angular Velocity

Example: Determine the Number of Revolutions Per Second of a Car Tire

Example: Determine Angular and Linear Velocity of Two Particles Running in Concentric Circles