News Release
  July 15 , 2002

Jose Luis Ramirez, an educator who has spent most of his career at Los Angeles Mission College, has been named vice president for student services at the Sylmar campus.

Ramirez replaces Carlos Nava, who retired after 34 years with the Los Angeles Community College District, 27 of those years spent at Mission College.

In his new position, Ramirez will oversee a number of departments that provide crucial services to Mission College's 8,000-plus students, including financial aid, admissions and records, programs for disabled students, child care and health services, and student government. Ramirez also is the administrator in charge of Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS/CARE), which provides academic counseling, tutoring and other services to low income students. He also will be responsible for the departments which provide educational services to veterans and international students.

"Jose Luis Ramirez is extremely qualified to oversee all student services," said Dr. Adriana D. Barrera, Mission College president. "In his career here, he has been a supervisor, director or advisor to many of the units that are now under his administration."

Ramirez has served at Mission College since 1989, where he began as an instructor of counseling. For the past year, he served as associate dean of student services under Nava. He previously served as the acting director of EOPS/CARE, as director of international students and veteran services and as a counselor.

"More than ever, people are turning to community colleges for academic and career alternative," said Ramirez, a resident of Arleta. "I look forward to helping provide our present and future students with the counseling, financial aid, health, scholarship and other services they will need to meet their goals."

Ramirez holds a Master's degree in counseling from the University of La Verne, a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and Chicano Studies from California State University, Northridge, and state credentials in community college counseling, teaching, bilingual education and pupil services. He began his professional career in 1985 as a teacher and counselor with the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Discussing his appointment recently, Jose Luis Ramirez recalled a special gift that he, his two brothers and six sisters each presented to their parents on Christmas Day 2000: their college diplomas, framed and ready for hanging in a family "wall of fame." The gift, said Ramirez, overwhelmed his immigrant parents who had worked hard their entire lives to insure that all nine children would be first-generation college graduates.

"I think about that now because, on top of everything else, this new assignment gives me an opportunity to help other students and families reach the same dream," he said.

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