News Release
  August 29, 2002


Members of Mission College's student services staff are back in the building they left 20 months ago, but the place is nothing like it used to be.

More than 3,000 square feet of space have been added to the wing now occupied by the admissions, counseling, EOP&S and financial aid staff. In addition, the 6,000-square-foot office space that existed prior to expansion has been completely remodeled.

The $1.3 million expansion is the first construction project completed in the Los Angeles Community College District with funds from the voter-approved Proposition A.

"It's a great distinction to complete the first Proposition A project," said Dr. Adriana Barrera, college president. "We're very grateful to the voters in the district who recognized the benefit of improving our community college campuses."

Highlights of the expansion include:

  • Sixteen enclosed offices for counselors and administrators;
  • Two vaults for student records, a Career Center and a conference room;
  • Fourteen counter stations divided among admissions, counseling, EOP&S and financial aid to serve students;
  • A prominent, centrally located Information Desk;
  • Twenty-five workstations for employees.
In all, nearly 60 employees are now housed in the student services center, whose prominent features also include large glass windows and doors, a skylight, and the 80-foot tall clock tower that adorns the front of the building.

Soon to be installed are 12 computer kiosks through which students will be able to access a large amount of information. At a touch, the state-of-the-art computers will provide student records, information about financial aid and classes, and can be used to make counseling appointments.

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