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August 26, 2004

Two Administrators Ease Into New Duties

By Eduardo Pardo

SYLMAR – For two familiar Mission College staff members, this fall semester looks a bit different than previous ones. They’ve spent the summer preparing for the start of school in new roles.

David Green, former college compliance officer, was appointed acting vice president for student services in July. Just prior to that, Maury Pearl, formerly associate dean for institutional research and planning, was appointed interim dean of technology.

For Green, the move from compliance to student services marked a return to familiar territory. In previous jobs at UCLA, he was involved in programs dealing with disabled students, career counseling, student activities, conduct issues, and recruitment.

Green has responsibility for about 40 employees working in admissions, financial aid, EOP&S, the office of veteran and international student affairs, student health services, disabled student services, and the Child Development Center. He spent much of his initial weeks on the job meeting with department heads, and learning their needs and issues. He continues to meet with them weekly.

"I’m a big believer in communication," said Green. "It’s important for me to know the specific needs and problems of my various departments in order to properly convey those issues to (President Barrera) and the executive staff."

Preparation for fall semester registration has kept him busy, but now he looks forward to the start of the semester, to meeting students, and helping them resolve their problems.

"College is a great time in a person’s life," he said. "For me to be part of that, to really get to know the students and the issues they’re dealing with, is something I know I’ll enjoy."

Maury Pearl’s new assignment has kept him equally busy. His primary task has been to oversee the restructuring of the campus’ technological services into three distinct units: network support group (which maintains the local area network and email system); administrative support group (which is responsible for the Helpdesk system); and instructional support (providing assistance to the LRC Commons and adjoining instructional labs).

"We’re still working out details, but the basic structure is in place and moving forward," he said.

Some completed tasks include the reclassification of several employees to insure they are properly salaried for the technological work they do and moving the network support staff from the cold and dark server room to a more pleasant working environment.

A major project on Pearl’s plate has been the installation of more than 120 high-grade computers to replace aging units in the LRC Commons and two instructional labs (see "The LRC Computer Commons," home page). Pearl described the new computers as vastly superior to the old ones.

"The computers are very state of the art and fast, " he said. "The monitors are flat-screened, very sleek looking. We won’t have as many of the breakdowns and outages that have frustrated students in the past."

Still ahead for the technology dean is the switchover of the campus email system to Microsoft Outlook 2003. For employees nervous about the change, Pearl said training sessions will be available.

Addressing the "interim" portion of his title, Pearl said Mission College is seeking funds to make the position a permanent one. Whatever happens, Pearl said he's pleased to have pioneered the role.

"The long-term role of the position still has to evolve," he said, "but the structure is there for the college to hire a dean of technology."