Mission College Student Parking Structure Dedication    –   June 13, 2007

Mission College’s long-awaited student parking structure opened its doors with a formal dedication ceremony on June 13. The four-level structure will have spaces for over 1,000 vehicles, high-end security, an electronic "car counter" to let students know on which level parking spaces are available, and energy-generating cells on the top level. President Moreno welcomed newly appointed Chancellor Marshall Drummond to the event, along with several other dignitaries. The parking structure is designed to architecturally match other unique buildings on the Mission College campus. Board of Trustees President Georgia Mercer led the ribbon-cutting ceremony, joined by fellow trustees Sylvia Scott-Hayes, Nancy Pearlman, Mona Field, and Kelly Candaele. Also on hand for the ceremony was district Senior Vice Chancellor Adriana Barrera, the former Mission College president who launched the college’s campus improvement program. She noted that completion of the parking structure allows the college to use present parking lots for construction of classroom facilities.

Photos by Leonard Baptiste

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